Sterling Silver ECR Dog Tag

Sterling Silver ‘Engler Canyon Ranch’ Dog Tag

  • Custom designed
  • Top-quality materials
  • 100% of proceeds to Engler Canyon Ranch

You can represent your favorite sanctuary every day with this high quality, stylish piece.  This dog tag style design fits seamlessly beneath your shirt for physical or professional environments, or can be worn with pride for all to see!  This custom piece was created and donated by Mauzie’s Fine Jewelry, who is donated 100% of the proceeds towards our mustang sanctuary.

Mauzie designed these pieces with 22 years of craftsmanship and a true love of horses in mind.  She has witnessed first hand the transformation that takes place in a re-wilded environment and wanted to help bring that life to more mustangs in need.  By purchasing this stylish piece, you’re helping to create the life that our wild herd deserves. Let’s bring more mustangs home!

Engler Canyon Ranch is a proud location of the Serengeti Foundation (5o1c3 nonprofit).

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