The Parker Project

"Providing remote spay & neuter surgeries for those who need it most"
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The severe overpopulation problem of unwanted dogs and cats in this world is unimaginable. The Serengeti team knew that more had to be done, and we wanted to start from the source of the issue. By spaying, neutering, and vaccinating both owned and homeless animals, we would be nipping the problem in the bud. In just six years, it has been estimated that one unspayed female dog, her mate, and their offspring could produce around 67,000 unwanted puppies. The number is almost doubled for a female cat.

In rural areas with limited resources, hundreds of thousands of puppies and kittens are born into a world unfit to care for them. Most end up passing away from the elements, predators, and diseases. By vaccinating the animals already brought into this world, we will be able to get ahead of those diseases that are causing the suffering of so many. With all of this knowledge, we decided to create this project.

Now, every month, a Veterinary team skilled specifically in efficient, high volume spay and neuter heads out to some of the most rural, in need areas of the country to provide completely free Veterinary services. The Parker Project’s mobile surgical unit will be the life saving machine that is so needed for so many. In the years to come, we only hope to increase the amount of work we are able to do. There is so much work to be done, and we couldn’t do it without the continuous support from donors, volunteers, and collaborators. Let’s do great things!

Volunteers are always welcome! You can sign up here

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  1. suzanne carr July 16, 2019 Reply

    Could you tell me what areas the Parker Project covers?

    • SFH November 28, 2019 Reply

      Hi Suzanne, The Parker Project is focused primarily (right now) in the Four Corners Region of the USA, though we do assist with global spay & neuter projects. In time, we hope to head north to assist with Canada’s First Nations communities and other regions without Veterinary support.

  2. Chantel January 7, 2020 Reply

    When will you be back in Winslow Arizona?

    • SFH January 10, 2020 Reply

      Hi Chantel, We don’t currently have a new date for Winslow, but please reach out to She handles all of the clinic bookings so we may be able to work a second clinic out 🙂 All the best!

  3. GEORGE ENGLER May 20, 2020 Reply


    • SFH May 25, 2020 Reply

      Hi George, Thank you for reaching out and helping those seven cats. Unfortunately, we would have no way to know where they ended up, but we do hope they are safe and happy. Spaying & neutering is the best thing we can do to help keep the numbers down. Hopefully, there won’t be any more homeless litters in that area. Thank you for trying!

  4. Jeanne ODell July 15, 2020 Reply

    It is not just people not spay and neuter that causes the over population problem. It is also breeders,puppymills. Until those are shut down we will always have a overpopulation problem.

    • SFH July 16, 2020 Reply

      It’s true! We all need to do our part to shut down those streams, protect our community and be proactive with our own pets. You’re absolutely right!

  5. Mpiette001 July 18, 2020 Reply

    In 2016 I believe there was a vaccine that can be administered as young as 3 days old that renders infertility , it cost just a dollar per dose , why is it not being used wide spread?

    • SFH July 31, 2020 Reply

      Hi Melanie,

      I’m not personally familiar with that vaccine, but that’s quite interesting. My guess is that it may interfere with their growth at such a young age, or perhaps it just hasn’t been around long enough to guarantee the safety (?) I’ll ask our Vet team!

  6. Donna Bryant August 14, 2020 Reply

    Thank you for your services! This was a blessing! I am definitely happy for my decision to adopt and spayed my dog.

    • SFH August 31, 2020 Reply

      That is wonderful, Donna!!

      We’re so happy to hear that you found your pup through adoption, and we’re so grateful that you had her spayed. THANK YOU🙏 ❤️🐾

  7. Tina September 28, 2020 Reply

    Hi. I’m from the 4 corners area and wanted to know when the next clinic in the area would be? We have a female stray that joined our family a month ago and we would like to keep her.

    • SFH September 28, 2020 Reply

      Hi Tina, That’s wonderful that you’d like to keep her, and even better that you’d like to get her spayed. THANK YOU!!! Alex would be the best person to connect with on which location would be best. She can be reached at alex@serengetifoundation or 303-419-1261. There are also some upcoming dates posted here,, though there may be more clinics in the works! Thank you so much for looking out for this pup in your life. We truly appreciate that she has a caring home ❤️

  8. Sara December 27, 2020 Reply

    I see on facebook so many amazing horses in KILL PENS, and some organizations trying to rehome them. Can you save any horses from these auctions that are or may be sent to slaughter?

    • Holly January 4, 2021 Reply

      It’s so sad to see them in there. They never should’ve been removed in the first place. Effective, humane, and cost-saving on range management tools do exist! As far as kill pens horses go, we’re very limited in our infrastructure and the type of care we can provide. We do our best to intercept before mustangs end up there, usually purchasing directly from the BLM or Forest Service (this allows us to save large numbers while utilizing the setup that we do have. Otherwise, we’d have to pay to finance additional offsite QT facilities, vets, vaccinations, transport, etc. We don’t have the round pens, stalls, squeeze chutes, etc. that are normally needed for mustangs that have been in private care for some time) We do have a number of kill pen horse that has come to use through rescue to rescue transfers, but we’re most effective when we place bulk groups directly from the source. That’s how we’re able to keep so many families together ❤️

  9. Priscilla Mendoza January 5, 2021 Reply

    I made a donation to The Parker Project in the amount of $50 plus covered costs. I have not received any type of online statement or receipt. Can you please confirm that my donation was received on Jan 2, 2021, Priscilla Mendoza, $51.80 to the Parker Project.
    Thank you

    • Holly January 21, 2021 Reply

      Hi Priscilla,

      You should’ve received an emailed receipt from the Serengeti Foundation right after your donation went through, though it seems they’re sometimes filtered into the junk folders. You should’ve received a thank you email from me as well in early Jan. I do hope it arrived for you! We’re very grateful for your support!

      • Priscilla Mendoza February 16, 2021 Reply

        Thanks Holly! I will continue to support the Serengeti Foundation and all of the good work your good people do. I have had the pleasure of meeting Alex, Parker Project and hope to volunteer one day soon for her and her clinics on the Rez. I am currently in Mexico, volunteering for a spay/neuter program. All the best to you and the Foundation.

        • Holly March 5, 2021 Reply

          Hello Priscilla, how wonderful! I’m so glad that you were able to meet Alex and have carried on further to volunteer yourself. Thank you 🙏 The world needs more people like you!

  10. Perry March 5, 2021 Reply

    I signed up fpr neutering services for 2 dogs (both Heelers ages 6 yo and 4 months) March 05 in Shiprock (Erin). Please contact me as soon as an opening or cancellation appears . I am willing to donate funds and supplies. 505-406-0947

    • Holly April 7, 2021 Reply

      Hi Perry,

      That’s great that you’re signed up. It’s such a necessary service, and wait times can be long right now. Christine or Alex will reach out if availability opens up. Thank you for reaching out!

  11. Stephanie Baldwin May 4, 2021 Reply

    Good morning, I would like to sign up for your services for Window Rock on August 20-22, 2021. I have two fur babies that need your services. Please let me know how I can make an appointment. I can also help with a donation. Please let me know. Thank you.

  12. Beverly whitehair May 6, 2021 Reply

    I schedule a spay and nueter appt for western navajo tuba city az on sunday may 9. I am trying to find out if you will still be coming out .

  13. Ed June 13, 2021 Reply

    Waited in gap az.for 4 hrs on Sunday w/appt and no one showed up Plz if there’s a problem text us so Like myself don’t drive for 90 min.n sit here and not no what’s going on

    • Holly July 7, 2021 Reply

      Hi Ed, I’m sorry to hear that. I’m not involved in the scheduling but I do believe there are community members or volunteers that are supposed to notify of any changes. Please reach out to or check at Perhaps it was rescheduled? There is a list of upcoming dates at I hope that helps!

  14. Estelle October 13, 2021 Reply

    Hi, please you advise me of the type of support you are able to offer in other parts of the world. You do great work! Many thanks

    • Holly October 19, 2021 Reply

      Hi Estelle, we do actually partner with other organizations to work overseas, most recently in Colombia and Ecuador with Soul Dog Rescue. We’re always interested in helping wherever the need is greatest! If you know of an area and can help with logistics, or can connect us with someone who can to try to get a clinic off the ground, please reach out to

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