Plastic Pyrolysis in Haiti


 In today’s struggling world, many of the Earth’s poorest nations are unintentional but heavy polluters.  The struggle is all too relatable; If you are worried that your child is going hungry, cleaning up the environment will be the last thing on your mind! 


The basic struggle to survive will always be the major focus, but what if we could change that? What if there was a way to help break the cycle with a system that benefitted locals, and the environment? After years of background work, the Serengeti Foundation is proud to publicly announce our latest venture, Plastic Pyrolysis in Port Au Prince, Haiti.


Pyrolysis is a rudimentary yet cutting edge technology that allows junk and street plastic to be cracked back into crude products.  The plastic is heated in a sealed, oxygen-free environment.  Without oxygen, nothing can burn, so as the temperature inside the sealed chamber rises, the long plastic molecular strings break down, back into their original components. The plastic disappears back into its root ingredients.

Through the ongoing business of Pyrolysis, it is possible to pay local Haitians to pick up the garbage and polluting plastic on the street.  This provides much-needed employment and security and helps to clean up the streets and ocean that are literally clogged with disposable refuse. The processor will crack the plastic into crude, which can then be further refined into Diesel or Kerosene! 


Why has this not happening on a global stage? 

Well, Pyrolysis does not make a ton of money, so big businesses have not been investing in it, but we’re modeling a different approach!  We believe in collaboration, and that the world is better when we all work together. With this core belief,  we aim to inspire other businesses and nonprofit groups to invest in the equipment and give it to quality partners in the developing world. We believe we can move mountains by connecting those who have the means to those who are capable of seeing the project into a long-term future.  With this shift in business, the processor in developing regions will not be saddled with repayment debt and can turn a profit through this industry.  As such, with assistance from the Non-Profit Community to get started, it's an industry that works to CLEAN UP THE ENVIRONMENT!!



** Does it pollute? - Hardly - the Pyrolysis Unit is a 100% sealed environment.  Since the unit is a sealed environment, no vapors escape.  As the plastic molecules crack, they turn into vapor which is caught and cooled within the system into Heavy Crude, Light Crude, Propane Gas and a black Charcoal Powder. (Black Char, used in asphalt, tires, paint, etc. is actively traded globally)  --  Even the heating of the system has exhaust scrubbers, so there is virtually zero pollution as we crack the plastic back into useable fuel.

** How much energy does this use?  The system will use roughly 8% of the fuel it produced on the previous run.  No outside fuel or energy is needed.

** How much does it cost & how much can it process? - The system that Serengeti Foundation bought for Haiti cost roughly $200,000 to buy, ship, install, pay local duties, etc.  It can crack 10 tons of plastic each and every day!

We couldn't be prouder of our team and partners who brought this project to fruition!  The equipment has arrived, and construction will begin in 2019.  We look forward to sharing the journey with you!

Let's do good things!