The Parker Project

"Providing remote spay & neuter surgeries for those who need it most"
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The severe overpopulation problem of unwanted dogs and cats in this world is unimaginable. The Serengeti team knew that more had to be done, and we wanted to start from the source of the issue. By spaying, neutering, and vaccinating both owned and homeless animals, we would be nipping the problem in the bud. In just six years, it has been estimated that one unspayed female dog, her mate, and their offspring could produce around 67,000 unwanted puppies. The number is almost doubled for a female cat.

In rural areas with limited resources, hundreds of thousands of puppies and kittens are born into a world unfit to care for them. Most end up passing away from the elements, predators, and diseases. By vaccinating the animals already brought into this world, we will be able to get ahead of those diseases that are causing the suffering of so many. With all of this knowledge, we decided to create this project.

Now, every month, a Veterinary team skilled specifically in efficient, high volume spay and neuter heads out to some of the most rural, in need areas of the country to provide completely free Veterinary services. The Parker Project’s mobile surgical unit will be the life saving machine that is so needed for so many. In the years to come, we only hope to increase the amount of work we are able to do. There is so much work to be done, and we couldn’t do it without the continuous support from donors, volunteers, and collaborators. Let’s do great things!

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