Engler Canyon Ranch

“Connecting and protecting animals, humans, and habitats.”
Engler Canyon Ranch - varnish appaloosa mare at sunset.
Luna and Kreacher
Baylee and Luna ... pink rain over the La Sal Mountains at sunset.
Engler Canyon Ranch - mares at sunset.
Little black, Engler Canyon Ranch, Trinchera, Colorado

Our 22,000-acre wildlife sanctuary is nestled in the diverse landscape of southeast Colorado. With big, open plains, year-round water sources, lush meadows, and forested hills, Engler Canyon Ranch has become the permanent home to more than 140 rewilded mustangs & burros,  adopted animals, and grassland rehabilitation projects.

Every detail is considered as we work to restore and improve native habitats at each of our conservation projects and Engler Canyon Ranch is no exception. Home to one of the largest grassland restoration sites in Colorado, Engler Canyon Ranch’s minimalist landscaping is designed around species that are favorites for nesting birds, riparian life, and beneficial pollinators. Regionally adapted and drought tolerant cultivars are selected to reduce longterm watering needs.

Our goal isn’t simply to make things look good; rather, we focus on what mix of grasses, forbs, trees, and shrubs will provide the widest habitat and food source for as many creatures as possible, for as long as possible.

To learn more about our projects, or to inquire about booking a private retreat, please email our team at mustangs@serengetifoundation or reach out on our  Facebook page.