Disappointment Valley Mustang Sanctuary

Angeni and Jif, La Sal Mountains
May Sunrise and Lucy napping in the sunshine.
Haven, Snow and Iya
Big mare band on Disappointment Valley sanctuary from rimrocks/Spring Creek Basin.
Disappointment Valley Mustang Sanctuary was purchased at the end of 2011, a few months after the last roundup in Spring Creek Basin Herd Management Area. The ranch is adjacent to Spring Creek Basin, and our original intent was to provide sanctuary to mustangs removed from the basin and not adopted. Those mustangs came to the sanctuary after going to a temporary home with another group immediately after the roundup. They now roam 3,700 acres in the high desert of southwestern Colorado. Disappointment Creek provides water for several months of the year and then is dry for several months of the year, so we supplement our horses' water with a well, a rain/snow-catchment and by purchasing truckloads of water. Our lack of rain also affects the natural forage on the sanctuary, so we also supplement our mustangs with hay - mostly during the winter, and throughout the year as needed.
Most of our mustangs are originally from Spring Creek Basin, and we have taken in horses from other herd management areas over the years. Disappointment Valley Mustang Sanctuary currently provides a home for 33 mustangs to live as naturally as possible post-roundup and removal from their home ranges.