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    The Parker Project

    Providing donation based spay & neuter services to underserved populations and those in urgent need.

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    Disappointment Valley Mustang Sanctuary

    Each year wild mustangs are gathered from government lands for the purpose of population control.

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    Engler Canyon Ranch

    Providing the widest food source and habitat for as many creatures as possible, for as long as possible.

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    Further Support for Elephants Around the World

    In addition to donating land to the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, we are also donors to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee and Elephant Aid International.

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    Elephant Nature Park

    Located outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand, the Elephant Nature Park is home to 85 elephants that have been rescued from jobs as street performers, grueling work in the logging industry, and other unfortunate circumstances.

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    David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

    We are proudly partnered with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to help support their brave endeavors with anti-poaching and building new watering holes in the remote African frontier.

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    Freedom and sanctuary for wildlife in need.

    Our protected areas serve as wildlife preserves, rehabilitation spaces, and release sites.