Smoke plumes from the 416 Fire.   Photo by TJ Holmes.


It’s been a stressful June for millions of living creatures. The extreme drought that has stretched across our region coupled with dry winds and unpredictable wind gusts have created forest fires that have yet to be contained. As of this morning, the 416 fire is measured at over 22,000 acres. Twenty-two thousand acres! Our wild […]


Ambassador Cedar

Many of you have sent questions about Cedar, our three-legged friend, so we thought we’d introduce him! Cedar lives outside Ottawa, Ontario Canada, though he’s a frequent traveler and accompanies his family while they volunteer around North America. Cedar was brought back from the brink of death. He was discovered weighing half of his healthy […]


ECR’s Latest Rescue

Although Sinatra and Romeo didn’t know each other before they were captured in helicopter round-ups by the Bureau of Land Management, they both ended up in Bastrop, Louisiana kill pens. They were set to be shipped to slaughter before fate intervened and we rescued them. Sinatra is somewhat comfortable with people; he is halter broke […]