We’re Hiring!

SERENGETI FOUNDATION POSITIONS AVAILABLE Full time. Part Time. Seasonal. Immediate Openings Dec. 2018 Infrastructure Team Construction. Repairs. Ranch Maintenance. Odd Jobs The Serengeti Foundation seeks full time, and part-time individuals to join our Infrastructure Team.  This position will be based out of Engler Canyon Ranch Mustang Sanctuary in southeast Colorado. About Serengeti Foundation:  The Serengeti […]

Big mare band on Disappointment Valley sanctuary from rimrocks/Spring Creek Basin.

Bone Dry

Well, folks, the dreaded day has come. Actually, it happened last week. Our mustang sanctuary in Disappointment Valley, CO., near the 416 Fire, has gone dry. Our caretaker has been moving the last bit of water with a portable pump, but that too will be coming to an end. We have been given permission to […]

Smoke plumes from the 416 Fire.   Photo by TJ Holmes.


It’s been a stressful June for millions of living creatures. The extreme drought that has stretched across our region coupled with dry winds and unpredictable wind gusts have created forest fires that have yet to be contained. As of this morning, the 416 fire is measured at over 22,000 acres. Twenty-two thousand acres! Our wild […]