Moments in the Day

Phoenix-the-cheeky is giving stepdaddy Butch some grief in the above photo. Older mustangs generally give babies a lot of latitude in their behavior, most often choosing to walk or trot away, out of reach of energetic youngsters. The photos below feature Puzzle, Pirate, Nevada, Blanco, Star and Artie. Just a few moments in a beautiful […]

Baylee, Haven and Luna under the full moon in Disappointment Valley.

Mustang Moon

This was last night’s very-heavy-moon-just-before-the-actual-full-moon evening. It was so beautiful to spend it with the mustangs in the coolness after the heat of the day started to fall away and the gnats buzzed off for the night. While the moon was rising in the east … fireworks were starting to spark in the west. What […]